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We've asked our customers to share their experience — see what they have to say!

Continuing Ed Express has been a great tool for me, so I don't have to travel to classes out of town.  Saves me time and money!  - Nikki M.

The online experience and content was easy to access, easy to return to and offered substantive information.  - Larry E.

Excellent experience! Completely well-organized and understandable content.  - Jan E. is a wonderful way to efficiently meet the states requirements for continuing ed.  - John B.

Website and registering very easy to use.  Online class reading was informative and concise.  - Mary S.

This is the best online course I have taken. Thank you.  - Hans H.

Course was well thought-out and efficient as well as extremely easy to use and understand.  - Caroline D.

I loved that I was able to complete this course in my own time!  - Alison G.

The course was fantastic.  Very easy to navigate through the website.  Awesome distance learning opportunity!  - Gail F.

This was my first online learning experience and I loved it!  - Jennifer C.

Excellent, and very convienent way of studying the material from home at my own convenience, thank you!  - Karl

I thought this course was very easy to learn and was taught in a way that made sense.  - Zachary M.

Excellent method of teaching.  this is the first on-line course i have taken.  - Brad N.

This class is so helpful and is done very professionally. I feel prepared to begin my new career.  - Jeanette M.

I very much enjoyed this experience, I learned a lot, and everyone is very kind and very helpful!  - Kyrietta R.

This was a very worthwhile experience.  Learning online was a handy way to complete the licensure expectations without having to travel.  - Brett B.

I have never taken online classes before and have found it to be a very positive experience. Very user friendly!  - Doreen M.

I really enjoyed the course material, finding it relevant, and interesting.  - Heather E.

I am always impressed by the comprehensive presentation of the course subject matter and learn something new everytime I take a Continuingedexpress course. The insights and tips shared have greatly enhanced my real estate business.  - Shannon M.

One of the most practical courses I have taken.  I would recommend it to my fellow agents.  - Sydney W.

Easy and convenient online learning.  It's ideal for a busy schedule.  - Larry E.

Courses are concise and to the point. My favorite courses are through Continuing Ed express.  - Candice M.

Great way to get the CE credits taken care of!!  Concise, informative and interesting!  - Amy S.

Fantastic way to learn!  - Marcos L.

Great course and good content.  - Kimberly S.

It was very convenient to start and stop during the course of the this online educational program.  The program immediately returns you to the point where you left off.  - L. E.

Very nice program.  Thank you.  - Troy K.

Love the style of the content and I also really like the humor that is thrown in.  - Jennifer S.

Loved the course on short sales.  Excellent information.  - Sydney W.

One of the most informative CE courses I've taken.  - David S.

I love how easy the teaching points are to understand and relate to.  - Laurie K.


Exceptionally clear and easy-to-follow.  Very Good Educational Value.  - Thomas A.

I love the ability to stop my course at any time, and complete it at a later time or date!  - Trent V.

Thanks for providing an alternative that fits into my schedule!  The ability to come back to the course work is invaluable to me.  - Loretta H.

Simple, easy, helpful.  - Carson R.

Good course, easy to navigate.  - Ron

The best, most efficient and well organized tests I've encountered. Highly recommended.  - Angelo R.

Great subject choices.  - John S.

I will use this process more often; more productive use of time.  - Duaine F.

Thank you, great course with great teaching!  - Gigi M.

I loved the option of taking this course online.  It was easy to follow and retain the information.  The eflashcards were a big help in remembering the information.  - Joyce M.

Course was well thought out and esy to understand.  - Dan G.

I loved the way the course was written.  It was interesting and practical.  - Heather E.

The content and flexibility to study, test, and absorb all the necessary information your course offered was fantastic with my personal circumstances. - Julia P.

The website is very easy to use and the flexible course worked great with my schedule.  - Ryan

User friendly site with comprehensive information. Loved the quiz format to be sure I was on task with each section.  - Shelly H.

Good material and easy to learn.  - Zachary M.

I had a great experience with Continuing Ed.  They made it possible for me to obtain my realtors license in three weeks while still emplyed fulll-time.  The materials were great and the assistance was amazing. Thank you!  - Amber M.

Simple course signup, very helpful staff.  - Jason K.

Overall happy with the learning experience. Will come back for my continuing education credits!  - Ryan O.

This is a convenient way to learn.  - Suzanne L.

I found the content fascinating & useful.  - Devaki H.

I reccomend your site to all of my agents.  - Greg G.

I loved this course...simple easy to understand.  - Wendy T.

Easy to use--well done.  - Greg G.

Thanks! This was a great way to finish up my last credits that I needed.  - Michelle L.

Great coursework; lots of detailed learning/information gained which can be fruitfully applied in actual REO/BPO practice.  - Jimmy M.

Excellent learning and testing formats!  - Jimmy M.

Wonderful course and simple instructions.  - Alice B.

Great information..more than I had planned on. Highly recommend your programs.  - Billy W.

Very interesting course with great concepts, which I will apply.  - Neil S.

Excellent course, exceeded my expectations.  - Pamela W.

Very good information.  Much more valuable and entertaining than I had anticipated.  - Richard D.

It was a GREAT course. I really enjoy it!!! - Robie G.

Great course so easy to use anytime of the day.  - Billy W.

I enjoyed the material and it was easy to use.  - Joel G.

Excellent refresher course for agents getting back into business!  - Mary C.
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